These are some of the resources available for families with new babies in the Foothills.


It does not list every resource available, but will hopefully provide you with a start.


Every Tuesday on our Facebook site, we profile an organization in the Foothills also working to support

families with children.

"It Takes Everyone to Raise A Happy, Healthy Child"

This website provides all of the local (Foothills) services aimed at giving children the best possible start in life.


Breastfeeding Support

La Leche League

Alberta Health Service  (Drop-in to see a nurse/lactation consultant - call for dates/times 403-995-2600)


Car Seat Safety Checks

Town of Okotoks-Fire Department

Dad groups

Dad Central


Early Childhood Literacy Programs

Literacy for Life

Family Assistance (financial, mental health, parenting, child development, in home support)

Okotoks Healthy Family Resource Center

Wild Rose Community Connections

Alberta Health Service  (Drop-in to see a nurse/lactation consultant - call for dates/times 403-995-2600)

Foothills Community Counseling

Foothills Community Immigrant Services


Grandparent Support Group

Call Pam at 403-998-7526

Mom/Dad/Caregiver and Baby Playgroup

Parent Link Center

Okotoks Play Mates and Coffee Dates facebook page

Alberta Health Service  (Baby drop-in across the foothills: call 403-995-2600 for times)

Okotoks Public Library


Prenatal Support

Healthy Mom, Healthy Babies  (Call 403-995-2600 (Okotoks) or 403-652-5450 (High River)


Call Kathy or Christy at 403-652-4776

101 Centre-520 Macleod Trail High River


Children Social Services

High River Location 403-652-8360

Womens Emergency Shelter

Alberta Council of Womens Shelters

Rowan House Emergency Shelter


We are a registered non-profit society (It Takes a Village Okotoks Community Foundation) helping families in the Foothills area of Alberta that are facing hardships.  We provide families free essential baby supplies in the first year of their baby's life.




phone: 403-401-3005